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McCain and Obama battle: over who is a bigger Socialist

Posted in Editorial by libertygazette on October 9, 2008

Well, we are moments into the era of free market socialism. Does anyone still consider that an oxymoron? It is difficult to describe the effects of the $850 billion dollar bailout package without a good dose of sarcasm. Interestingly, Ben Bernanke is already on a blitz of socialist apologetics. We at the Gazette seem to remember this bailout as the last great hope for the US economy, according to Paulson and Bernanke. Now, after the passage, it turns out that there are “many factors contributing to this crisis.” Yeah, that’s what the American people already knew. That’s why we flooded the capital with phone calls against this thing. Now that Bernanke said it, It must be official. Did we really need the bailout? Or, was that just a ‘sweetener’ for the financial institutions that Paulson and Bernanke credit for their rise to prominence? It looks a little suspicious.

I wonder what the Carl Marx brothers (Dodd, Frank, and Pelosi) are going to run on next term? I can hear the ‘vicious attack ads’ now. “Where did the $850 billion go Nancy?” will be accompanied by a goofy looking picture of Pelosi and white words on black background. If anything is holy, these socialists are toast. So, there is a silver lining.

Now to the bigger fish: The press and the McCain campaign are now focusing on Barack Obama’s connection to Bill Ayers of the Weathermen. The Weathermen was a little “c” communist organization very active in ending the Vietnam War. Ayers once said,

 “I am a radical, Leftist, small ‘c’ communist … [Laughs] Maybe I’m the last communist who is willing to admit it.” (according to his Wikipedia write-up).

Indeed, you may be. Though Ayers’ label as a terrorist is arguable, his position as leader in the communist movement in America is virtually indisputable. This should be more disconcerting to those who love liberty. The fact that Obama has helped Ayers promote socialist communism in the Chicago school curricula through efforts such as the Chicago Annenberg Project is cause enough for pause. What concerns us at the Liberty Gazette is that Ayers, a little “c” communist, was so impressed upon by the young Obama that he went on to help raise funds for Obama’s election. What would a self confessed communist find so attractive about Barack Obama’s political views?

McCain is not free from entanglement either. He has a history of promoting socialist programs such Cap-and-Trade emissions control legislation, immigration amnesty, and bans on offshore drill until lately (only for American companies though, the Chinese Communists are welcome to drill between Cuba and Florida). With strong connections to the “Keating Five” savings-and-loan scandal of 1989-91, McCain was exonerated but found to have executed “poor judgment” in the matter. The savings and loan debacle had similar effect on the economy as we now suffer in the current financial crisis. Retirements evaporated. Lives were ruined. The little guy suffers. Does this sound familiar? Once again, McCain’s judgment must be called into question. His support of the $850 billion dollar bailout, along with Barack Obama, appears to be another bout of poor judgment that benefits wealthy bankers at the expense of the little guy. It looks to be a trend.

To sum it up: No amount of bailout money is going to pull us out of the economic crisis. Though Bernanke declares it a lack of confidence in the market, a strong argument can be made that the markets have no faith in or presidential candidates. None of the capital movers are going to throw their wealthy hats in the ring without knowing which way the wind is blowing. No one will know that until November 4th.

The sad fact for the American people is this. When, we do chose which is going to lead us out of this. The socialist ideals of these two candidates will make it slow going.


By Jared Jobbins
Senior Editor
Liberty Gazette


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  1. betsyjob said, on October 10, 2008 at 2:33 am

    I can guarantee that Obama is the bigger socialist. Also he is down right dangerous with almost a dozen questionable relationships with known terrorist, Muslims, and anti-American racist clergy. Obama said that he barely knew Ayers, but people do not write endorsements in the fly of author’s books that they don’t know. He is a liar and cannot be trusted. I’m sure he has plans to exonerate all his buddies from ACORN, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for voter fraud[ACORN], “cooking the books”, illegal bonuses that they heaped on themselves, not to mention the golden parachutes all to the demise of FM &FM which was in a huge part responsible for the “bail out”, compliments to the American taxpayer. What suckers we are. McCain, at least tried to warn [three years ago] the Congress of the need for regulation of Fannie and Freddie, but all the congressmen were afraid of being labeled “racist” and “bigotted” or “not socially correct” to speak up or pass any reasonable legilature that could possibly head off the economic catastrophe in which we now find ourselves.
    No, McCain is diffinitely better. So don’t try to lump them together. Obama has the record of being the most liberal representative in the House. We’ve got to stop being afraid to speak up and tell the truth, even though the liberals try to gag us. I’m going to vote for McCain. At least then we may have some chance of escaping Socialism. Down with the Socialist and up with Freedom.

  2. mjjobbins said, on October 10, 2008 at 4:26 am

    why vote for the bolshevik Barak or the menshevik Mccain? How about Bob Barr? I mean he won’t make many laws that forbid evils, but the guy’s main motivation is the promotion of liberty. Do you think you should be able to decide what is right for you to do? According to Bob Barr, he does too. I mean, don’t look at it as “throwing away your vote”. Shouldn’t you decide who your vote should go for? The choice between Republican and Democrat in 2008 is like the choice of whether to have your eyes gouged out or have the skin flayed off your back. ” Come on now you must hurry up and choose”. What if we decided that we wouldn’t vote for the parties that have been proven to sell their own people down the river? Most of the crimes that we as humans have faced in the entirety of our history have been committed against us by governments of one sort or another. I, personally, don’t trust ’em. Now, if the existence of governments is necessary, wouldn’t a person want the government that is least likely to infringe upon a person’s ability to do what she sees fit? Who knows better what you need to do than you do? So, enough with these well-meaning meddlers! It’s high time we send them the message in D.C.: ” you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.”


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