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Obama and ACORN: Association of ‘Comunity Organizers’ for Reform Now

Posted in Editorial by libertygazette on October 10, 2008

In 2000 it was ‘hanging chad,’ now it’s ACORN. Are these patronizing candidates even capable of fair play? I have been researching for this topic for some time now. I fully expected another Florida 2000 moment this year. I was caught off-guard with the premature nature of this ACORN story. Usually, there is not enough time to get the full story. That is the nature of the October Surprise. All that is needed is enough doubt to enable our natural prejudices to run wild.

The democrats have a long historical stigma of people “dieing” to vote. It’s possible that they have resorted to the November resurrection election due to dirty tricks by the other party. Let us remember that the 2000 election was not decided in the voting booth. Rather, it was decided by the Florida Supreme Court under the Governorship of Jed Bush. All of this combined to make the 2000 election this first time since 1888 and only the third time ever that the winner failed to gain the popular vote. It’s not hard to see why the Democrats would want to fund ACORN and look the other way while it does its business.

What would concern me is the revelation that Obama somehow knew about their activities. I don’t see how he could have though. Let’s look back. When Obama ran for senate the first time, ACORN endorsed this little known challenger against two seasoned candidates. Yet, Obama won. ACORN members have campaigned for Barack Obama in every election he has run. ACORN stands for Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. Obama doesn’t have anything to worry about there, unless he was a community organizer at some point in this career. Then, the connection might be hard to shake.

Let’s hope we can somehow have a fair fight this time around. Who knows? If the ballots were actually counted right, Ron Paul might make it on a write-in. Now, that would be cause for concerns over voter fraud.


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  1. betsyjob said, on October 11, 2008 at 3:08 am

    The Democrats didn’t fund ACORN. We did [the taxpayor]. If that’s so, I demand that they work just as hard to get Republicans registered (they registered the same people 10 and 12 times, sometimes). The thing is if Philip Berg is successful (see ) in his recent suit “Berg vs Obama”, the courts may find that Obama is not even a Natural born citizen, as required by the constitution, and couldn’t even hold the office of President of the United States. Oh, how I hope he wins. I talked to him today and he plans to go all the way to the Supreme court with this one. Praise the Lord! We may be rid of Obama and his lying face. I hope and pray that it is so. Lord have mercy on us. Then the Dems would have to resurrect “Hiliary” or someoone to take his place on short notice. Or if he is already in office, I guess we’d end up with Joe Biden. I hope the courts move on this very soon.

  2. betsyjob said, on October 11, 2008 at 3:10 am

    When I said “Oh, how I hope he wins”, I was referring to Phil Berg in his law suit, of course.

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