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Republicans unhappy with McCain’s performance

Posted in Editorial by libertygazette on October 16, 2008

In the run-up to Election Day, many republicans are having buyer’s anxiety over the decision to present McCain as their candidate. In recent polls, McCain is falling behind in republican states like Virginia which depend on center-right support. McCain has failed to present the platform principles of the Republican Party, such as fiscal conservatism and… fiscal conservatism. Jumping onboard the bailout package with both feet, proposing a huge tax rebate for healthcare, and offering $300 billion in homeowner bailout beyond the $850 billion; McCain has sacrificed his advantage with the right and center-right for a weak position among the center-left.

The opportunity to position his campaign as an alternative to radical socialism has passed. Now, he finds himself depending on his pro-life, second amendment, and pro-war national security positions. Three of which are not resonating with the center-left that he has been courting. Unfortunately, his ‘maverick’ style has placed his campaign in the isle instead of reaching across it. The result is that voters on either side of the isle are becoming indifferent to his campaign.

On the other hand, Obama has made no concessions regarding his base electorate and has only moved far enough right to fall short of completely socialized healthcare. Obama’s strong support in the left and center have been due to his consistency of message regarding the Democratic Party platform. If a voter wants to know what Obama stand for, all they need read is the party platform. This consistency of message is resulting in some center-right movement into the Obama camp.

If McCain is going pull out of this nose-dive, he will have to take drastic measures. The measures would most likely add to the growing perception that McCain changes his policies more often than his Depends® undergarments. He is going to need to start with an admission that he was drunk for the past month. He will have to ask the fiscal conservatives and free-market capitalists to forget everything that he has said and mark it up to bad advice and Heineken®. He will have to convince them that the conservative McCain is back in control and the socialist McCain has been entered into rehab. Short of that, we will have to wait four years and pray that the Republican Party can get a clue about why moderates would vote for them. I’ll make a suggestion… fiscal conservatism and smaller government.


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