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Powell endorses Obama: less about race, more about survival

Posted in Editorial by libertygazette on October 21, 2008

There has been a clamor over Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama, declared on Meet the Press. What is all the excitement about? Those who assumed that Powell’s relevance was somehow linked to WMDs in Iraq may have to rethink the affect of this strategic former US general’s endorsement. It is true that he was the “voice of reason” the American people looked to while making the decision to enter Iraq in 2002. His opinion has always carried a lot of weight in times of crisis.
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Falling oil prices and American foreign policy

Posted in Editorial by libertygazette on October 17, 2008

With oil prices falling, our foreign policy is going to require some serious changes in the near future. Russia has seen their stock market halt trading due to it’s predominantly commodity driven economy. Recently, Russia has indicated a desire to regain soviet era dominance of adjacent countries still considered Russian territories by Vladimir Putin. Venezuela’s president Chavez, already vocally anti American, has allied himself with many countries that have a history of anti American rhetoric. In the Middle East, allies already weak in popularity from support of United States incursions are now suffering from an eroding economic foundation, bound to give fuel to radical anti-West influences within their respective governments. Where this may be taking us

Republicans unhappy with McCain’s performance

Posted in Editorial by libertygazette on October 16, 2008

In the run-up to Election Day, many republicans are having buyer’s anxiety over the decision to present McCain as their candidate. In recent polls, McCain is falling behind in republican states like Virginia which depend on center-right support. McCain has failed to present the platform principles of the Republican Party, such as fiscal conservatism and… fiscal conservatism. Jumping onboard the bailout package with both feet, proposing a huge tax rebate for healthcare, and offering $300 billion in homeowner bailout beyond the $850 billion; McCain has sacrificed his advantage with the right and center-right for a weak position among the center-left. Read more on McCain missteps

Obama and McCain have good ideas: Can we afford them?

Posted in Editorial by libertygazette on October 14, 2008

The candidates have been going back and forth over who is to blame for the economy. It reminds me of two children who have broken a window playing ball. The first says the other is guilty for pitching the ball. The second blames the other for hitting the ball too hard. I believe that I can speak for the tax payer in saying; we don’t care who carries more blame. Rather, we want to know who is going to fix it. Let’s look at the fixes and see how they play out and how Read more

Obama and ACORN: Association of ‘Comunity Organizers’ for Reform Now

Posted in Editorial by libertygazette on October 10, 2008

In 2000 it was ‘hanging chad,’ now it’s ACORN. Are these patronizing candidates even capable of fair play? I have been researching for this topic for some time now. I fully expected another Florida 2000 moment this year. I was caught off-guard with the premature nature of this ACORN story. Usually, there is not enough time to get the full story. That is the nature of the October Surprise. All that is needed is enough doubt to enable our natural prejudices to run wild.
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